Tuesday, May 29, 2007

if you're not sappy like me, look away

Just a few more pics from Amy & AJ's wedding. People in love are remarkably photogenic, aren't they?

I love how she threw her arms over his shoulders. So romantic. Sigh.

Can't go wrong with cute kids and balloons.

CAKE!!!! The real reason I shoot weddings.

Every wedding has that awesome moment where the heels come off. You can practically set your clock by it.

I'm guessing the pattern gave him the spins, and he just had to lay down for a spell.

You just don't get smiles like this when people look at the camera.

To me, this type of moment is what wedding photography is all about.

Hope everybody's having a swell Tuesday!

Monday, May 28, 2007

he wed, she wed

Here are some more pics from Amy and AJ's wedding in Peachtree City. They were so relaxed the whole day. They should teach a class on how to have fun on your wedding day.

My obsession with photos of people's backs continues. I have nothing against faces, I swear. I just think some photos are more interesting for what you don't see.

I'm not a fan of boring groomsmen portraits. All you have to do is give them something active to do, and the fun shots just happen. If only I'd had some hand puppets!

Gusts of wind and veils were made for each other. And so were Amy and AJ!
So, I'm gonna try hard to keep up with this blogging thing-thang. With three weddings in June, I should have lots of photos to post, and hopefully some non-wedding stuff too. Ya know, it used to be that I had to figure out how to juggle work, cleaning the house, going to the gym, and a social life. Now it's all about finding equal time to spend on myspace, you tube, the onion, flickr, and now my blog. Vacations have become a test of how long I can be away from my laptop before getting the shakes. Technology has become my "bad influence" friend. I just hope we can take more road trips.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

another blog is born

Another blog is born. I've been wanting to start a photography blog for a while now, so today's the day. There's a few reasons I've named it "don't say cheese". Main reason being that I'm not into posed pics where people face the camera with plastic smiles. Second reason is that I'm from Wisconsin, and you don't want to say cheese in front of me because if I think you might have some cheese on your person, I'll have to attack you and eat said cheese. Third and weirdest reason for choosing that blog name is that I really wanted to call it "kenny bloggins", but feared that I'm the only person who finds this amusing.

Time for some photos now!!

These are a few images from a wedding I shot recently. I'll post again soon and include some pics of the bride and groom, who are both super sweet. They really had a great wedding.

Along with adding more pics, I'll have to add links, change settings and whatnot. For now, I'm just happy to be bloggin'.