Friday, July 31, 2009

a toy with a purpose

Over the last several years, I've been very lucky to have some fancy toys for taking photos. Unfortunately, "fancy" also means "really daggum heavy" and "really daggum big". I started realizing how much I missed being able to pull a camera out at any given time in life. Of course, I also figured that I have more than enough pictures of my feet at various locations around Atlanta and beyond, and probably didn't need any more. So, why spend money on a point-and-shoot camera when I could put that towards more equipment of the fancy variety?

The thing is, I can already achieve what I need to technically with my current equipment used for my client shoots. I can't get the same quality and accuracy with a point-and-shoot, but what I can get is something a little more warm and fuzzy, so bear with me.

The ability to shoot whatever I want, whenever I want, reminds me of who I am as a photographer and what I'm drawn to. It also lets me explore new compositions angles, etc. This type of play time helps me grow as a photographer and feeds the love I have for this art form, which will then filter into the work with my clients. Win, WIN!

I'll be posting plenty of my point-and-shoot experiments. I also need to come up with a better name than "point-and-shoot experiments". Maybe something scientific like "beaker shots". Hooray!

Immdediately after leaving the store where I bought the camera (a Canon PowerShot G10), we went across the parking lot to get pancakes. It was a good day.

Later that eve, we met up with the lovely Lynn Talley for some adult beverages. She has the BEST smile, which led to this next shot. The G10 definitely has some graininess issues at high ISOs (as you can see), but I'm interested more in compositions with this toy. Lynn was the first victim of a project I'm calling "guerilla portraits". I'll post her pic and a couple more of those soon. If I see a cool spot or lighting or whatever and you are nearby, I might be grabbing you to pose for one!

Hey, no pictures of my feet yet!

Monday, July 27, 2009

amy + brian + 1

The last few months were all about the weddings. These days, it's all about the babies! Lately, I've met and worked with so many awesome moms-to-be (and dads-to-be). Amy + Brian are about to welcome their first little one into the world. Now, when I say "about to", I mean he might be arriving as I'm posting this. Yay!

I had to get a few shots of the adorable nursery. Apparently, Brian has a bit of an obsession with aquariums, which is reflected in this way cool, fish-filled room.

I had to take them outside when I saw these lines on their garage. I'm pretty sure they thought I was nuts. Hopefully, when they see these they'll understand why I got so excited. Or maybe they'll still think I'm nuts. Thanks for humoring me you two!

I think this next one is so romantic.

One of the great things about photographing Amy + Brian is that they constantly looked at each other in such a sweet way, while cracking each other up at the same time. They are gonna be some fun parents!

We had to get some pics with Brian's signature hat. I really hope they get a matching one for their little fella!

We took a few classic shots....

....and a few non-traditional ones. I LOVE how calm and happy Amy looks here.

When Brian had to head back to work, Amy and I went outside for a few more pics before it started raining. My obsession with their garage might equal Brian's for aquariums!

Here's one last shot of gorgeous Amy

Best of luck you two, and I can't wait to meet your little guy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

naomi's headshots!

Wow, TWO blog posts in one day, and they're both headshot pics of fabulous people! Yay! This lovely lady is Naomi. As you can see, the camera loves her, and she may use her shots to book some modeling jobs in addition to acting work. With that beautiful face, I'm sure she'll have more jobs than she can handle!

I have to point out how cool she managed to be during some less than ideal conditions during our photo session. There was a festival going on near our shoot location, but we used some relatively secluded spots. We didn't get very many people walking by, but the few who did were downright annoying. I certainly don't mind a little curiosity from folks when they see a shoot happening. However, Drunk Guy #1 stopped and stood right next to me, wouldn't shut his yap, and tried to direct both me and Naomi. I'm sure his Budweiser was telling him that this was charming. After several polite attempts to get him to move along, we had to gently point out that he was being a total d-bag. Whatever I said surely started with "SERIOUSLY!...". Later, Drunk Guy #2 just stood and gawked. "SERIOUSLY!" Anyway, Naomi was much more patient than I was. I'm still imagining creative ways to torture them. Thanks Naomi for being such a trooper!

matt h and my return to headshots!

Due to the madness of wedding season, I had taken a brief intermission from shooting headshots. I'm happy to say that I'm caught up, and back to working with some fantastic actors. Matt here was the perfect person to return me to the land of shooting heads. He is so comfortable in front of the camera, and really knows his face and his angles. Like every good actor should!

I have to give a shout-out to my girl Sloane from Atlanta Body Retreat for making Matt's already great skin look even greater.

Matt, thanks for doing such a fantastic job, and for braving mosquitoes, heat, and the crazy places I made you pose.

I saw this sign and just couldn't resist.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

my happy place

I spend SO much time in my office, that it needs to be so downright inviting that I get the shakes if I'm NOT in there. Oh, and organized. I'm one of those people who can not be productive while swimming in clutter. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who likes to MAKE clutter, so this room is a constant battle ground between good and evil.

I swear the pink isn't as obnoxious as it might look here. Well, maybe it is, actually. That color was up when we bought the place 7 years ago. I really dig it. However, MOST of the rooms in the house were this color, so we've made a few changes so that we're down to only my pink office, our pink dining room, and small pink bathroom.

There used to be a cool rug on the floor, but Fletch ate it. There used to be a little pillow on the chair, but Fletch ate it. Why can't he eat things like letters about jury duty, or the leg warmers I have no business owning at my age?

The flowers were a recent addition that I had seen on the dooce blog (one of my favorites!). She had used them to decorate a new nursery. When my mom saw these on the wall, she kinda laughed at them. I figure after having worked in a beige cube for 10 years, where the only hint of a personality I was allowed to show in my work area was contained in an 8x10 picture frame, I can have a couch that vomits flowers if I darn well want to. I'm also a big fan of working in pajamas. If you can pull this off where you work, you totally should.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

featured in the knot georgia!

Some of my photos are featured in the current issue of The Knot Georgia. Woo hoo! This is even more exciting than when we'd get our yearbooks in high school and page through to find out if we were in any of the cool, candid shots. "Look, I think that's my head behind the goal post!". Seeing "Photos by Stacey Bode Photography" is WAY cooler than spotting my fluffy-haired head in old school pics.

Yay! It's Cassie + David's wedding! Their big day was held at Fernbank Museum, and was such an incredible experience.

As I was paging through, I saw two more shots that came from my camera. This cake pic was taken at Megan and John's gorgeous wedding.

This shot was from Kim + Mitchell's awesome day after shoot.

Monday, July 13, 2009

6 month fletch and a susie visit!

I'm starting to think that our puppy is actually a gorilla in a puppy outfit. When he kidnaps a starlet and climbs the Empire State Building, I'll be screaming "I told you so".

This week, we were lucky to have a visit from Matt's mom, Susie. Man, it's so cool having her around...even if she hates when I play Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang" song in my car.

She and Fletch are good buddies. If she had asked him, he would have gladly left us behind to hit the road with her.

I've become one of those people who thinks my dog's breath is awesome, and apparently Matt has too. If I had to describe it, I'd say it smells like a unicorn burp.

These next pics of Susie and Matt make me real darn happy.

Fletch doesn't typically drool this much. He was slurping up some water. I'm going to go invent dog straws and make my millions.

This next pic shows his 2 newest and digging. If I have to keep cleaning those paws, I'm putting Tobasco sauce in the ice trays.

I'm diggin' the pink tongue in the background...

He made this face when I asked him what he thought about the economic crisis.

I'll post again when he's 7 months. Unless he eats us before then.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

kimberly + basil + 1

I'm still trying to figure out how Kimberly and Basil make expecting a baby look not just beautiful, but downright hip. Wait, does anyone still say "hip"? At least I didn't say "groovy", or "bitchin" or "choice". Although I think "choice" should make a comeback. I think now-a-days the kids are sayin' "buck"....or at least Little C does on "So You Think You Can Dance". Anyway, these two make pending parenthood look way better than I thought possible.

They are both very creative people, and I love collaborating with artistic-minded folks during photo shoots. They were also SO at ease in front of the camera. Then again, I probably would be too if I looked half as good. Seriously, are they not just stunning?

Kimberly and Basil, thank you so much for such a fantastic shoot, and for allowing me to share a few of your images. I know you're going to be the coolest parents to your little one.