Wednesday, June 27, 2007

t & k get hitched!

Where do I start with Tom and Kerry?? It's hard to believe I just met Kerry a few weeks ago. I remember that our meeting was more like a fun conversation than a meeting. Lots of laughing. This is why I was so excited about her wedding. I knew it would be more of the same, but with fancy outfits! And anyone with the same affinity for monkeys as me is a-okay. She and Tom also got married at the same place me and my hubby did, and I hadn't been back since our wedding (5 years ago!). It brought back some great memories.

When I met Tom, I could tell that he's one of those people everybody likes to be around. There was never a moment where I felt like a "vendor". You guys are the best!

After the ceremony, T & K had some cocktails and a fabulous dinner with their families, who I believe just met 2 days before the wedding! Woo hoo! You guys took such good care of me. That dinner was amaaaaazing, and I still can't get over the fact that I had my own place card! I should have kept it as a souvenir.

Thanks for letting me play a small part in your beautiful day.

I'm so diggin' the pink and green flowers!

Kerry gettin' ready to head to the gardens!
Lookin' gorgeous on the staircase!

I think they like each other...
Congratulations you two! I hope you have a fantastic time visiting all those incredible places.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

brian & krista's wedding

Here are some pics from Brian & Krista's wedding in Athens at the Taylor-Grady House. Yep, it's an old-school mansion. The inside has a lot of the original furnishings. The place is really cool.....literally (on the inside), which is good since it was about 97 degrees in the shade on this particular day.

Brian & Krista had a really fun day. Not surprising since they are two of the nicest, laid-back folks around.

The Taylor-Grady House

Hot new favorite color of flowers.

I loved the blue getting-ready room! Here's the groom's sis making the most of those fabulous mirrors.

I was obsessed with the chandeliers in this place.

Krista helps her sis add some bling.

Brian's one request was to take some pics by the UGA arch. So we sped down the street for a few minutes after the ceremony. Done, and done. Aren't they a fine-lookin' couple?

...and I got to visit my friend Melanie after the wedding, so it was a win-win weekend. The morning after, me, Mel, her hubby and little boy went out for breakfast. Those pancakes were so delish!!!

Okay, enough bloggin' for now.....back to acres of images to photoshop! I hope everybody had a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

pic n' run

no time for words.....only pics.....which are supposedly worth 1000 words each. way more than i can type right now.

Friday, June 8, 2007

this one's for the girls

I'm not shy about my aversion to posed pics, but sometimes ya just gotta do it and try to get some gems. Here are some shots of the pretty, pretty ladies from the wedding of Dani & Chris. Isn't Dani's dress aaaamazing??

...AND she's got a really fun personality

Dani & her peeps

i love this moment

I'm off to Athens tomorrow to shoot Krista & Brian's wedding. Woo hoo! I might get to see my pal Melanie while I'm in town. I'm hoping that's what goes down, 'cause I needs me some Mel-time. I hope everybody has a swell Saturday!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

4 weddings & a foosball

Wedding season is in full swing! I'm shooting 3 weddings this month and potentially a fourth. So I'm feeling like a foosball...scrambling through the chaos of an exciting game, trying to not get hit by tiny men with fused, wooden feet. Huh? I used to make sense. Maybe I'll have time for sense in July. Wish me luck! In the meantime, I couldn't wait to post a few pics from the wedding I just shot in Decatur for Dani and Chris. Lovely, lovely.

I'd never been inside the old courthouse before, and was amazed at how gorgeous it is. Of course, all the fabulous decorations didn't hurt!

Super-cute flower girls.......check.

My feet never have, and never will look this good.

I'll post more soon, when I need a brief escape from Photoshopland.

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Just got my new camera, so we had some play-time. This thing's gonna rock my face (see example face below). Secret irony: when he made this face, we were actually watching a show about the greatest soft rock hits ever.

Friday, June 1, 2007

loud n' claire

This is my friend Claire....and we were loud. We snapped some headshots last weekend, and I think we did more laughing than picture-taking. For some of her other pics, she posed happily in front of what I'll call a "deluxe" dumpster. I know how to make a gal feel glamorous. Anyway, she's a super friend and a wonderful actress. I've been in a couple shows with her, and have always been impressed by her magical mix of goofiness and class.

Hi Claire! Lookin' good!