Sunday, January 27, 2008

said i loved shoes but i lied

If anybody gets the Michael Bolton reference in the title, good for you. BAAAAAD for me. I'm one of those people that would prefer to NEVER have a shoe or sock touching my feet. Two things continue to thwart my dream of a barefoot existence: one is that I can't even enter a Waffle House without protecting their pristine floors from my nasty feet, two is that I'm generally freezing whenever it's below 80 degrees. Since I'm forced into donning footwear, I figure I may as well make the best of it and give myself plenty of options to ease the pain of conformity.

I'm embarrassed to admit how many more photos I could have added to this layout. My husband likes to take new guests to our home on what we call "the tour of shoes". It's important that I point out that most of my shoes had a price tag of less than $10. It's not about the destination (more shoes), it's about the journey (finding a good deal).

If anyone guesses which pair is my favorite, you get a beer and the promise that I will never mention Michael Bolton in your presence again.

1. These are by Kenzie, who makes very funky styles
2. Sparkly, gray velvet, 8 bucks, nuff said
3. I've had guys I work with request that I wear these every Thursday. Is there
something I don't know about Thursdays? This reminds me of when I was the
only one in middle school who didn't know what green m&ms implied.
4. Found these at a vintage store. Man, they used to know how to make stilettos
that are actually comfortable. I can sprint in these.
5. Fuschia t-straps, c'mon!
6. These are by Guess and have hearts all over them. Sassy!
7. Um, these are just naughty. Sick, twisted, naughty shoes! Bad shoes!
8. These are by Nine West, and somehow fit perfectly despite being a size 6.
9. Click your heels 3 times and repeat, "there's no place like Scotland"...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

#37 - Done!

#37 - Design new business & comp cards

Here they are. These will be for general purposes, and I may still design some more that are specific to weddings, child/family, etc. Blog, website, and phone will be on the back.

I decided to go with these layouts instead of my first choice, which was to print the text "If you would like to pay me to take some swell photos of important stuff in your life, that would be so completely cool". Sadly, all the fancy fonts and complete lack of images just seemed, um, disturbing. I think these will do just fine.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

hey y''s a stare-off!

Our lazy, snowy day was complete with pancakes, pajamas, and a staring contest. I can't remember who won, they're both easily distracted. My money is on Matt though since his biggest distraction is hockey, which wasn't happening, and the cat's biggest distraction is the other cat, which was happening.

stare-off 2008

global coldening

Now I'm off to finish this fine winter's day with a good German spy movie and some cheap red wine. Perhaps I'll challenge the cat to see which one of us can hold our breath longest. Set the bar low, and be a winner every time.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

less is more...more or less

I've been playing around with different designs for new wedding comp cards. Below is my latest attempt. My typical MO when creating biz cards is to pile on WAY too many images and a ton of info. But clients might WANT to know my shoe size and this recipe for veggie quesadillas! So this is my painful journey into "simple is best". I was so thrown off by this notion, that Matt pointed out that I incorrectly spelled my name in the first version. By the way, my blog, website, and phone number will be on the a tasteful, lo-fi manner, I promise.

Sigh. Maybe after I print these, I'll glue on some sequins and feathers. Ahhhhhh.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

snowing is half the battle

Can you believe the view of this gorgeous snow-capped mountain from my back porch? Me neither. It's the top of our patio umbrella. It's so strange living in a city where people pray for snow. I'm from Wisconsin where we pray for a summer that lasts longer than 2 weeks. After you see the ugly side of snow (sludge, month-long blizzards, chunks of it down the back of your pants, having to shovel acres of it...daily), the magic quickly fades. For example, it took me 2 hours to get into the city tonight. One more minute, and I would have had to pull over to practice writing my name in it.

When I was little, I used to cry outside when it was snowing because I really hate anything hitting my face (snow, rain, splashing in pools, windshields). My mom came up with the brilliant idea of putting a plastic orange bucket over my head when it snowed. I'd prance around gleefully in my little bucket-head world. There are actually family photos of Mom, Dad, my sister, and bucket-head. Those were happy times.

Having gotten some snow-bashing off my chest, I must add that when I walked outside before the LONG drive home, the barrage of giant fluffy flakes coming down made me want to do a little dance. Of course if I had, I would have slipped on some of that cold, white evil and broken a hip. Then cried for my bucket.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

mission accomplished

Wanted to turn some thrift stores upside-down to find cool old books....for interesting card-making pictures, for nostalgia, for random inspiration, etc. Value Village had one or two clothing finds, but a disappointing selection of books. The blouse I got there is great though....I still don't know what the heck the thingy on the collar is, but it makes me look like a nerdy flight attendant....meow.

We eventually found the motherload of books at a pleasant, unassuming store called "Stepping Out for Christ". SO many wacky old reference materials. Love it! Also, I'm obsessed with what the friendly cashier said to me when paying for my items via credit card. He asked, "May I bless this day by checking your photo ID?". I now expect every retail facility to extend this level of awesomeness when making sure I'm not ripping them off.

Every recipe in the cookbook is a culinary nightmare. All dishes involve wrapping something in ham that should NEVER be wrapped in ham.

I will be making lots of homemade cards by cutting pics from the Dick and Jane book. Don't worry, it's not a first edition or anything.

I have to keep checking the art book with the giant doll face to make sure it doesn't start blinking...or stealing my soul.

"The Monster at the End of this Book" is in my top 5 kiddos books along with "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish", "The Giving Tree", "Where the Sidewalk Ends", and everything by Edward Gorey (probably NOT appropriate for kiddos). If Matt and I ever have a kiddo, and it's of the male variety, it will probably have to endure life in an unforgiving society with the name Super Grover Stanton. Sorry in advance, kiddo. Please don't kill us in our sleep.

Monday, January 14, 2008

no photos of "nothing"

Office visit - $20
Transportation - $3.07
Hearing "the doctor will be in shortly to look at your nothing" - priceless

About 3 months ago, I developed a new little friend on my sternum that wasn't a pimple, a blister, a mole, or a bug bite. Even though this invader was small (about 3mm diameter), it was new, different, mysterious, and my first instinct when faced with these characteristics is destruction. However, I knew that my little companion would not respond well to popping, poking, burning, cutting, or listening to reason.

As a Taurus, I not only understand, but appreciate the ways of the stubborn, but only when it comes from ME. I started to get freaked out since my Dad recently had some cancer de skin removed from his torso. Thankfully, he's okey dokey. Also, I spent much of my childhood glowing an electric shade of hot pink.

So, today I went to have it checked out by a professional, since I've already pulled my shirt down to show every friend, family member, and gas station patron to ask "does this look weird?". Everyone at the doctor's office was super nice as they squinted at my nothing and then smiled at me like a mom who's child just had a nightmare about being attacked by gummy bears. It could happen.

I'm really glad I got my nothing checked out, and possibly brought some amusement to an office full of germs and waiting. Perhaps I've seen too many movies. To me, The Nothing (a la The Neverending Story) is a horrible, all-encompasing movement of darkness that if not stopped, will turn your world into a hellish abyss where there are no more fluffy white dragons that fly. Not something to mess with. Fluffy dragons - 1 point....The Nothing - nada.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I have a bad case of scent schizophrenia. I realized this when trying to organize my dresser today. I don't often spray this stuff on me, but when I do, I need choices. I'm most joyfully affected by the smells of freshly-brewed coffee, bacon, and epoxy, but these would probably not be appreciated or understood by people with whom I might occupy an elevator. So, until society becomes more open-minded about how women smell, look, or breast-feed their babies, here's my acceptable selection.

Gardenia oil - Wore it on my wedding day...made everyone think the silk ones in my hair were real.

MISO Pretty - Looove the name and the smell, but wished the scent lasted longer than 5 minutes. A few months ago, I asked my stylist to cut my hair like the cartoon girl on the bottle. He did.

Angel - Love it. Can't afford it.

Chance - Definitely at the top. Smells like men's cologne, which I dig.

Escape (strategically hidden behind the MISO Pretty) - Used to wear until Matt told me it was his favorite.....because his first love wore it. Can't wear it out of principle alone.

The round disc thingy - a yummy "solid" scent purchased from one of Nikki's Pleasure Parties. Supposedly, it has pheromones in it. Of course, it doesn't say HUMAN pheromones. Hmmm.

Anybody have a "signature" scent? I'm fascinated by women who have that decision made. I can't even settle on a toothpaste brand.

Monday, January 7, 2008

claire plays with dirt

So, I had this wacky idea of creating an old Hollywood glamour-type shot and adding a twisted element to it.....dirty hands. Claire has just the look I needed to pull it off. She's such a classic beauty. Man, I had forgotten how fun it is to play with dirt. Claire did a splendid job being pretty and grubby all at the same time.

One problem is that I can't decide which is my favorite. I narrowed it down from 20 to 7. Help me out and let me know which is your fav.

Thanks so much Claire!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

adorable rachel

This is a really sweet gal named Rachel. She wanted some fun portraits taken...definitely something she could pass along to family members. How cool is that? We giggled and shot photos around her home, at Chastain Park, and even at a Starbucks. As you can see here, Rachel has such a natural, pretty smile and her eyes are so engaging! If there was an Atlanta version of "Sex and the City", she would definitely be one of the four, spunky friends! Thanks Rachel for such an enjoyable afternoon!

There was the cutest little girl on the swing next to her. She was looking at us like we had lost our monkey minds. It was humbling to be scrutinized by a toddler, but we got some great shots!

Ah, a girl and her tree.

Here's that incredible smile I mentioned.

Here you can see the different colors in Rachel's eyes. One has slightly more brown tones and one, more green. So cool. Yay genetics!

If I thought it would fit, I would totally have stolen this orange dress. Love it!

I may have to post some more shots when I get to the "Mary Tyler Moore" shots. Too much fun! I still can't get that song out of my head!