Sunday, November 4, 2007

girls gone crafty

My mom and I love to make cards. It started out as something fun we could do together, and has gradually turned into a full-blown obsession. I swear, a few hours of making cards while chatting, drinking, and listening to dorky music, is better at stress relief than bikram yoga. Today, mom made some lovely cards with lots of yummy autumn colors. Typically, I don't like to make the same card twice since creating the design is my favorite part. However, I'm putting together packs of cards to give as gifts, so today I was a one-woman assembly line. I got a lot done and had a blast chillin' with mom.

Here's mom workin' hard in craft town

Two essential supplies for making great cards: wine and cheese!!

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heighlo. said...

OMG - what a great idea to make cards and give them as gifts. you are so cool!