Monday, September 14, 2009

the carstens family!

How wonderful it was to finally meet Lena's family. They are so fun and easy-going, and I even got to have a battle with imaginary laser guns. I've decided that every photo session should have one of those, so be forewarned. Chloe, you win! What an enjoyable shoot, and this may sound corny, but you can tell there's a lot of love in their home. Well, love and Chloe's laser beams! Yay!

She's definitely got the adorable big sister thing figured out.

Precious doesn't even begin to describe little Gavin.

Two of the many things I love about this next image: 1 - a fabulous family, and 2 - doggie tongue!

Of course, we had to give Brodie his own close-up!

Can you tell I went crazy for the flowers in Chloe's room?

Many, many thanks to the incredible Carstens family!

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