Saturday, September 12, 2009

8 month old!

I wanted to post something on Fletch's actual 8 month birthday, but on that day, he made me cry.....and swear a lot. Let's just say that he needs some leash training about as much as our country needs health care reform.

Maybe that unfortunate incident happened for a reason. After a few days, not only did I stop calling my dog 4-letter words, but I also finally learned how to shoot video and put it on my blog. If I had known how easy this would be, I could have crossed it off my to-do list about 2 years ago. A little embarrassing, really.

I have another recent video that I can't wait to post. It's of an incredible day after shoot with Matt and Liz. I'm hoping to post that when I launch my new blog. NEW BLOG! It's that time of year where I frantically give my dusty to-do list the what-for.

For now, I give you Fletch...and his red clay elbows. By the way, Matt's disappointed grumble at the end is because during the whole video, we were trying to get Fletch to do this thing he ALWAYS does. He's just mocking us.

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Susie said...

He's so adorable! That monkey I mean - the one with the beard.