Tuesday, September 8, 2009

evita + michael's day after shoot

Woo hoo! I'm so glad my friends Evita and Michael were in town this weekend for D-Con! Not only did I get to hang with them, but we also finally got to do their wedding "day after" shoot. I guess a more appropriate phrase would be "four months and four days after " shoot. :) We got to take lots of photos of just the two of them in their wedding "gear". Both of their outfits were made by hand, and Evita made her dress! She's incredible.

We needed a fabulous location with a special mood and style. I've known Evita long enough to be comfortable suggesting a cemetery. Well, not just any cemetery. Oakland is both historical and beautiful, and I was confident that we could get photos that didn't appear to have been taken at grave sites. They were nice enough to trust me, and we had a blast. Then again, I could have fun with Evita locked in a gas station bathroom with rabid badgers.

Here are some shots from our photo-funtime-throwdown!

They wanted to do an American Gothic-type pic. I think they nailed it.

Okay, okay...I know this next one looks like a cemetery, but only because they wanted a shot of the little mushroom fairy ring.

One thing that's great about knowing the folks I photograph is that I can actually gear my editing to reflect who they are as well as the type of images we shot. I did some rather dramatic editing on a lot of these photos to accentuate Evita and Michael's style.

You gorgeous thing, you!

Oh, so dashing...

I don't think you can have too much romance in a photo, but this next one comes close. Sigh.

Some of you may know about my obsession with fake birds. Evita found these cuties, and she GAVE them to me after the shoot. She's the bestest.

She wanted a series of shots of Michael giving her their wedding invitation, her opening it, and her reacting to it. This one is my fav from those shots.

Evita + Michael, you are awesome. Please find more reasons to visit Atlanta, and I'll find ones to visit Charleston!


Kat said...

love her hairpiece/hat and her irregular choice shoes! i think i saw their wedding on flickr before. I would LOVE to blog these for you. Drop me and email to kat@rocknrollbride.com if you fancy it!

Brian said...

Great job stacy.. You did nail it I like the fell of the photos. Great time. I would never of know it was oakland only one shot gives it away. Thats a very cool building you found.

Susie said...

Evita looks gorgeous! She reminds me a of movie star.... elegant, aloof, and kinda odd! Love the photos!

Le Papillon Vert said...


Rabid Badgers eh? Dangit, I KNEW we left something at home.

Susie, you're too sweet.

Kat - I would love to be able to say that my shoes are Irregular Choice because they are one of my favorite brands but they're actually vintage Andrew Geller.