Friday, June 8, 2007

this one's for the girls

I'm not shy about my aversion to posed pics, but sometimes ya just gotta do it and try to get some gems. Here are some shots of the pretty, pretty ladies from the wedding of Dani & Chris. Isn't Dani's dress aaaamazing??

...AND she's got a really fun personality

Dani & her peeps

i love this moment

I'm off to Athens tomorrow to shoot Krista & Brian's wedding. Woo hoo! I might get to see my pal Melanie while I'm in town. I'm hoping that's what goes down, 'cause I needs me some Mel-time. I hope everybody has a swell Saturday!


ablebody said...

more like "for the win"!

stacey bode FTW!

maryk said...

yeah, that last pic is awesome!

maryk said...

i mean, MORE awesome even.