Sunday, June 24, 2007

brian & krista's wedding

Here are some pics from Brian & Krista's wedding in Athens at the Taylor-Grady House. Yep, it's an old-school mansion. The inside has a lot of the original furnishings. The place is really cool.....literally (on the inside), which is good since it was about 97 degrees in the shade on this particular day.

Brian & Krista had a really fun day. Not surprising since they are two of the nicest, laid-back folks around.

The Taylor-Grady House

Hot new favorite color of flowers.

I loved the blue getting-ready room! Here's the groom's sis making the most of those fabulous mirrors.

I was obsessed with the chandeliers in this place.

Krista helps her sis add some bling.

Brian's one request was to take some pics by the UGA arch. So we sped down the street for a few minutes after the ceremony. Done, and done. Aren't they a fine-lookin' couple?

...and I got to visit my friend Melanie after the wedding, so it was a win-win weekend. The morning after, me, Mel, her hubby and little boy went out for breakfast. Those pancakes were so delish!!!

Okay, enough bloggin' for now.....back to acres of images to photoshop! I hope everybody had a great weekend!


ablebody said...

really great work, stacey! i have a surprise for you. *kiss*

maryk said...

i really am drawn to that photo of the girl curling her hair in the mirror reflection sitting on the floor. love it!