Saturday, October 6, 2007

Denise & Rick's Wedding

There's nothing like Paris in September....or Paris in Atlanta. Walking into The Moulin Rouge Room at Paris On Ponce was like stepping into another world (or at least a great French film). The cabaret feel, the red lights, the cafe tables....ooh la la! Now as if the setting wasn't enough to make for an incredible wedding, there was also a murder mystery performance built around the ceremony. Don't worry though, the only victim was the cake, and I assure you it was just as tasty after having been stabbed.

It's hard to believe possible, but Denise & Rick's wedding was even more fun than I predicted (see earlier post of their engagement pics). I can truly say that this wedding was an EVENT, and one that myself and the guests will be talking about for years to come.

Denise, you seriously crack me up. I love your fun spirit. Rick, I totally lost it when you pulled out the giant glasses at the end of the night. Awesome. I can't possibly comment on every fun moment!

Congratulations, Denise and Rick, and thank you for such an unforgettable night!

The "murder" victim!

Vive la France!

If you hang around Denise, this is an expression you'll see often.

Here's some of the cast of performers. I'm partial to the second one from the left in glasses. That's my handsome hubby. I have several other buds in the cast, including "The Jen" (in jean jacket). She's a rock star.

Speaking of rock stars....ELVIS!!!

Best silly string sneak attack ever.

What an exit!
For a slideshow of more of Denise & Rick's wedding photos, click HERE

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