Friday, October 19, 2007

Jeanie & Shawn

Jeanie is one of a kind. She's been a dear friend for over 5 years. When you meet her, you feel lucky. Knowing her is like having won a prize. She's the whole package.....stunning beauty, a kind heart, a clever mind, and a keen wit.

She's also one of my favorite models when I have a crazy portrait idea. As you'll see below, she's willing to pose patiently while soaked for the sake of art.

eauxed to jeanie

I was so pleased to hear about Shawn and their sweet story of knowing each other for years and finally coming back to each other in a way that's like going home.

I'm thrilled and humbled that Jeanie and Shawn trusted me to photograph their big day in San Antonio. My husband (also a long-time friend of Jeanie) came with me to join in the celebration and be my second shooter. I have to mention how well cared for we were the whole trip. Jeanie's dad Bruce gave us the best tour of the town imaginable. Their family and friends really created a joyful environment at every step. Everyone had such warm comments about these two. My favorite was from Shawn's mom who said that when they found each other, it was like they won the lottery.

Jeanie, I adore you, and now I also adore Shawn and your family and friends too! My most heart-felt congratulations to the both of you and my wishes for a life full of love and happiness.

A pic at the Alamo at the end of the night

Some shots from our fun "day after" session

I can't imagine a more gorgeous couple!

I hope they don't mind me telling this story. For the shot below, I was a good distance away, but could clearly see Shawn mouth the following sentiment just before this kiss, "I've always loved you, and I always will". I couldn't hold back the tears after that!

The amazing San Fernando Cathedral

Jeanie's perfect, lovely gown

Jeanie and Shawn decided to see each other before the ceremony (gotta love that!). This was taken at the fantastic Club Giraud just after their special meeting that day.

For a slideshow of more images from the beautiful wedding, click HERE


Hassan said...

Hey Stacey,

This wedding is amazing. I looked at the slideshow and I'm in awe. Your work really is amazing, and I hope you can make sometime and show me some of it again.

Your work really is inspiring.

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