Monday, December 17, 2007


This is my super-sassy, smarty-pants, fun-time friend Melanie. She's a really important person in my life. We've known each other for years, and have been there for each other during many of life's ups and downs. If there's a movie with singing and/or dancing, we've seen it together. We dress in sparkly outfits and talk about the 80s.

She is a big part of why I'm a photographer and turned it into a biz years ago. My first paying photo gig was for her. I took pics of her newborn cutie-pie son just after he was born. She insisted on paying me, which was painful and weird for me, but I now realize that it was a huge starting point. Thank you Melanie for giving me that push!!!

She just finished her second year in law school (all A's, mind you). She manages to balance this with being a wife, mom, and all-around superstar.

I was so excited that she came to visit last week. We got to spend some silly fun time together shopping, eating, giggling, and watching movies. I wish I could have stolen her for even longer.

While shopping, we found this great hat that looked adorable on her. Here she is sporting it and looking feisty as usual. Melanie, you're the bestest!


ablebody said...

i've never bought mcdonald's and not eaten it before. that was fresh.

maryk said...

i like the warm background/cool foreground. very david lynch!