Friday, December 28, 2007

yule betcha

Had a swell holiday, thank you very much. Matt and I headed to Quincy to visit his mom at her woodsy palace. Our visit could be the poster child for a laid-back approach to Christmas. We talked, ate, watched movies, played frisbee, and took crazy photos. Ahhhh. We NEVER get to spend the holidays with Susie, so the best part was ending that losing streak. I think there will definitely be more trips to Florida in our future. So here are some quirky, Quincy pics.

Matt in all of his mustached glory

Susie misinterprets "laps in the pool" as "runs around pool with flashlight"

Apparently, giving a flashlight to an adult is the equivalent of giving a cardboard box to a child. Endless fun.

Susie....attempts to hide are futile.

Now we move on to Christmas at my folks' place in Marietta. Definitely a "the more the merrier" type of gathering. There WERE more, and it WAS merry.

Matt got so good at Guitar Hero III that he had to up the ante by sitting down.

Creepy deer watches his you bettah watch yours!

Nancy & Mary start a new ballet

Here's everybody (except me who was too lazy to set the timer)
Back row: Linda, Trischa (sis), Mike, Mary, Gary, Mom
Front row: Ricardo, Matt-o, Deanna, Nancy, Dad

Dad's gear for making the best Old-Fashioneds you'll ever have

Answers to everything I learned in kindergarten

My bro-in-law. Master of the point-and-shoot.

This photo of me and Matt doesn't scream "Christmas", but it definitely screams something.

For our listening pleasure. Sadly, the "Martinis and Mistletoe" isn't nearly as good as you'd think. That's why I stick with Vince Guaraldi every time.

One of the guilty pleasures of visiting my folks is "reading" my mom's People magazines. I get caught up on the best million-dollar gowns, who's lost their post-baby weight, and how I would look if I were Dr McNerdy...and a guy.



When Christmas gets spooky....

HAMAZONIAN! The bizarre surgical skills I picked up at my biomedical job always come in handy when turkeys and hams need carving, or as I prefer, "dissecting".

Dinner! Check out how excited Matt is. Food was wasting precious Xbox time.

Good times. Aint we lucky we got 'em.

For a slideshow of more wacky Quincy pics, click HERE


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