Monday, August 17, 2009


Not only is Julia a lovely and fun gal, she's also a real pro in dire circumstances. It's that glorious time of year where I can't go outside to get the mail without bringing back at least 3 mosquito bites. However, on the day of Julia's shoot, there must have been some sort of insect convention in East Atlanta that we weren't aware of. As if that wasn't bad enough, she is about 100 times more sensitive to their bites than most folks. Not long into our session, her arms and legs were covered with little bug traumas. Anyone else might have wanted to stop, or at least break to get some bug spray. Julia somehow kept posing, and looking fantastic while doing it. Darnright impressive.

I have to point out one more thing that's pretty incredible about Julia. This shot is the first one we took! I may even have been just testing the light. It was her first time having headshots taken, and she managed to look this relaxed. I think she's my new hero.

Julia, thanks for being such a trooper!

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maryk said...

she's adorable~!