Monday, July 9, 2007

pretty times two

I didn't know Hannah and Anne until we met to talk about wedding photos, but I immediately liked these two lovely ladies. What I didn't anticipate was how emotional I would get at their wedding. I was actually wiping away tears so that I could focus my camera. I mean, I am a total sap, but to hear their friends and family members talk about how these two best friends grew to find something even more with each other, was just so cool. I will completely well-up again if I even think about Anne's brother trying so hard to talk through his tears when describing the love he has for his sister. Then he gave up and just hugged her, which said it all really. And I really envy the relationship I saw between Hannah and her sister (yes, I know that sounds like a Woody Allen movie). Just the way she and her sis looked at each other. So beautiful. Sigh. Good grief, I'm getting sentimental in my old age! Now I'm going to go pet some kittens and watch "Terms of Endearment".

Here are a few pics from the wedding, and I'll post a few more when I move along through Photoshop Town.

Hannah getting ready

During the ceremony at the Solarium

The very cool, earthy decorations

The gorgeous brides just after their ceremony

There will be more from this fine day (there was Irish dancing!), and then I'll be moving on to more of Tom and Kerry's pics. According to their blog, it looks like they're having a super-fun throw-down all over Europe. Sweeeet.

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