Tuesday, February 3, 2009

fletch is workin' overtime!


Oh boy! This is our new little Great Pyrenees pup. We don't have him home yet, but we went for a visit today. We have to wait another 3 whole weeks before he's "ready". "Ready" basically means that we will tragically tear him away from his doting mother to fulfill our own selfish puppy needs. He will surely seek revenge by turning our lives into a frenzied song and dance number called "2009: A Poop Odyssey".

Until then, we are just so excited about finally being dog owners. Wait...hang on for a sec...

Dear cats,

We still love you. Please don't hate us or start plotting anything. If I see an anvil suspiciously propped above the closet door, I'll know. I promise that you will still be fed, still hold your places of honor in front of the heating vents, and I will still tell you how pretty you look, even when you might look a little crappy.



Ok, so as I was saying, we're SO thrilled about our pup. We're getting him from a lovely lady named Liliane, who breeds Great Pyrs and llamas. In fact, she's known as the "Llama Mama". She has a big farm, and her dogs guard her other animals. We decided to get this breed since they are calm, protective, smart, good with cats and kiddos, and they are fluffiliciously adorable. I have never owned a dog before, so if anyone wants to pass along some advice, please help me! Lately, I've been watching more Cesar Millan than Stephen Colbert, but I still feel clueless.

In case you're wondering, the name "Fletch" comes from the 1985 film of the same name. It's one of our favorites and is quoted on a regular basis in our home. "I love your body, Larry". Of course, this means that his full name is Irwin M. Fletcher. I will never call him that. Well, maybe he'll hear his full name when he eats a tube of lip gloss or tries to hump my yoga mat.

I'll be sure to keep posting puppy updates until this photography blog eventually transitions into Fletch's personal video diary.

Here are some shots from today. He's now 4 weeks old. Just minutes after these pics were taken, he grew to the size of a school bus.

Some Matty snugs!

Here I am performing a series of exhaustive tests to determine whether or not he can deal with my "off" days.

This is his sweet momma, Lorraine.

Hangin' with the sibs. Fletch is the one with the dot on his head.

Here he's doing his bunny rabbit impression. This is a sign that he will get along with our cat Pasi, since she has also mastered the bunny disguise.

I luvs him!!!


Widdi said...

I luvs him toooo! And he may look small, but that is one gargantuan 4 wk old! (Is it 4 wks?)
Check out your FB; I'm posting a pic of another creature that looks very familiar...

Tommy said...

He's beautiful! What a sweetie!

Say, isn't there a children's book about an elephant named Fletch?

Harry S. Truman

heighlo. said...

another great show to watch is 'it's me or the dog'. she teaches positive reinforcement. I can't wait to meet him!

heighlo. said...

also i love that movie Fletch. i might have to rewatch it.