Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yay! Time for more yoga photo playtime! Last year I had a blast taking some quirky and fun shots of Tiff and Cheryl for their yoga projects. Now they are joined by Amy, and are working on yet another endeavor called "Grounded". Z (Tiff's talented boyfriend) is creating a website for them, and they needed some photos as well. The only thing that could have made this more enjoyable is if my photo-taking could have somehow made them as sore as I get after one of their yoga classes!

During the last session, I had taken pics of Tiff and Cheryl holding cute pillows with happy messages on them. We had to get one with Amy too! Here she is being adorable with "love".

For those who don't know Tiff, she can NOT take a bad photo. It's terribly annoying. I present Exhibit A...

Cheryl has a natural beauty and inner light that I love to photograph.

Here's the latest addition to Cheryl's furry family...Courage!

Y'all probably recognize this gentleman. "No damage"! We tried putting him in yoga poses, but he needs to work on his flexibility. Probably could use their "Yoga for the Stiff Guy" class.

I put together a few layouts for their "grounded" concept. They wanted shots portraying the bad version of grounded and the good version.

I love this pic of Tiff and Cheryl

I got to meet Cheryl's fabulous hubby, Bruce! Yes, they are one of those painfully attractive couples.

A few more "grounded" layouts...

Thanks so much, you lovely ladies! With you, I'd be happy to be grounded, detained, or doing time in a cell block. At least we could do some yoga in there!


Courtney said...

Those are some painfully lovely ladies! Tiffany really is so photogenic! I'm jealous. :-P

The layouts you did are so cool. I can't wait to see their site. :)

Tommy said...

Love these ladies and these photos! Great job, Stacey and her subjects!