Sunday, February 15, 2009

ode to etsy - necklaces

Here's the latest installment about my shameless love affair with Etsy. Today's focus is on necklaces. If all these fabulous creations had been available back in the day, maybe Mr. T would have skipped the barrage of gold and opted for a nice hand-crafted earthy number instead.


1. Bird Trio Necklace by TillyBloom $24
2. Puzzle Necklace by marieflyfly $53
3. Garden Bloom in Winter by RachelleD $28
4. Silver Circles Necklace by roundabout $15
5. Migration Summer Bicycle Necklace by paraphernalia $25
6. Skinny Rectangle Necklace in Sterling Silver by kusu $42
7. Molly Necklace-Large by thepebblecollection $26
8. Unfurl by UntamedMenagerie $18
9. Little Wings, Gold by locallibrary $46
10.Chatterbirds by wearthou $48
11.Moonlight Silk Yoyo Necklace by cookoorikoo $20
12.Tree on the Lake Glass Necklace by photoglassworks $25


Lieu Fatale said...

Your shots are amazing.

stacey said...

hi lieu! you're so nice, but i can't take credit for any of the shots on this particular post. these are just some things i love on etsy that i wanted people to be able to link to.

your site rocks by the way!