Friday, May 8, 2009

beach blanket dingo

I've gotten some requests for a Fletch update, and since I'm of the mindset that you CAN please everyone all the ya go! These pics were taken last month when we took pup on his first beach adventure. I was shocked at how well he did during the long car trip down to Florida. No whining, no barfing, no furry meltdowns of any kind. Funny, I don't remember slipping him a xanax.

He got to finally meet Susie, and now I'm wondering why I don't have any photos of the two of them. I obviously had vacation brain. Anyway, they got along swimmingly. And speaking of swimming, Fletch walked directly into Susie's pool, not knowing what he was doing. Scared the hell out of him. We, of course, laughed our heads off after Matt helped him out. It's okay Fletch, I find your errors in judgment charming. Please do the same for me.

Naturally, he's WAY bigger now than in these photos. Today he turns 4 months old. We'll have to snap a pic and compare to his 3-month glamour shot. In the last few weeks, he's become a pretty wonderful doggie. Don't tell him I said that. He still thinks I'm the "bad cop", and I've got a rep to protect.

Here's Fletch-er-oo engaging in his second favorite activity next to destroying rugs...digging!

This next image will be a sobering reminder to me of the time period where ALL he did was run around and bite anything below the knee. I'm talking about the dog, by the way.

My dog does have a cute butt. However, there's another reason I took that shot. The markings on Great Pyrs fade as they grow up, so he may not look like this much longer. I'm hoping the little black spot stays though.

He wasn't sure about the water. He was probably afraid that if he got in there, I'd come over with shampoo and try to make him clean, which annoys the heck out of him.

My new as sunblock. His new strategy...sand as sunblock.

More Fletch updates to come, but now it's back to weddings, weddings, weddings! Woo hoo!


leigh said...

So cute! I keep forgetting to bring my camera for fletch's and gus' romps.

Love him in the sand. and your new sunblock.

Widdi said...

HOW HOW HOW can it be that I haven't gotten my ass over there to meet Fletch and his cute butt? ARGHHHH!
It's funny to see a dog that is so big and yet so clearly a puppy : )