Thursday, May 28, 2009

maternity can be fierce

I get so excited when a session allows me to be creative and experiment with new styles or techniques. This is why Jenna was such a perfect subject. We wanted to take photos that showed how she is the same cool, fun person.....she just happens to be expecting. She brought the tub idea to the table, and said that she wanted to take it in a more edgy, not tons of bubbles. I totally knew what she meant. Yay! Then we realized that it's harder than you'd think to find bath products that don't foam up! We also discovered that the combination of milk, aromatic bath salts, and grape Kool-Aid smells REALLY good. My bathroom smelled lovely for days.

Jenna, you are a total gorgeous rock star. Thank you for your trust and fantastic attitude. I can only post a few of her fabulous images since some were a little too racy for the interweb. Sorry, interweb. Those will be just for her and her hubby to enjoy.

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Stephanie said...

GORGEOUS. She really does make it look glamorous.