Tuesday, May 5, 2009

meghan + nathaniel's e-session

I adore these two. I was fortunate to have met Meghan and Nathaniel last year when I took pics for both of their acting headshots. I knew how much I liked them individually, and I couldn't imagine how much cuter they were as a couple. Cute is not a strong enough word, and I can't even describe the amount of niceness that goes with the cuteness!

We got together recently to shoot some portraits, and we had to be quick about it since their status will soon change from "engaged" to "married" in just a couple weeks. It was such a fun session! I love how they can go from silly to romantic to fierce in a matter of seconds. That takes skillz, y'all.

After the photos, we chatted and laughed for a while. Poor Matt and Nathaniel had to endure my talk with Meghan about our Twilight obsession. Seriously, Meghan should be playing Alice Cullen in the movies. Anybody else feel me on that? You should. I'm thankful they put up with me since I could have gabbed their ears off all night.

So here are some pics from my shoot with this super-fab couple.

I'm not sure which one of us took the award for most crack-ups, but here's one point for Meghan.


You work it, Meghan!

Dont'cha just LOVE love?

Thanks SO much you two! I can't wait to shoot your wedding later this month!!!


Marcus said...

Hey, you don't know me--I lived on Nathaniel's hall freshman year, but I checked out these photos, and I've gotta say, really great! I shot a friend's wedding not long ago, but certainly didn't do nearly this good of a job :-(

How did you get such a shallow depth of field in some of those?

Meghan said...

Stacey! I love the shots so much and I can't wait for you to shoot the wedding!!! Ps-We have to recreate the shot where Nathaniel is in the background so I can use that as my new headshot ;)

Anonymous said...

what a cool location! Atlanta?