Monday, November 17, 2008


I tend to be the last person to catch up when it comes to the latest cool products: phones, mp3 players, podcasts, and cars that aren't pulled by horses. In an effort to continue staying a good 5 years behind everyone else when it comes to modern techno gadgetry (of the non-photo kind), I finally played with the camera built into my iMac. Here's a photo of what Matt and I would probably look like if an apocalypse were to hit the south side. I do hope that if the world comes to an abrupt end, it happens when I'm in my pajamas.

As cool as this little icam is, I'm sure that it's being used by the government to monitor my patriotism and my pancake consumption.


Susie said...

This print is what I want for X-miss!

You are very cool. I'm still waiting for my cam, so I'll practice looking glow-y red til it gets here.

Hope Mirlis said...

ah, stacey you make me smile. thanks for the admissions and i cannot wait until you fully play with the fabulousness that is photobooth.