Thursday, November 20, 2008

the sylvester family!

November is typically full of mixed emotions for me. Cold weather and I get along about as well as a panel of guests on Jerry Springer. However, one thing I can look forward to is my annual holiday portrait session with the Sylvester family, which is always a source of fun and giggles.

I've known Karen for over 10 years, and have gotten to see her kids grow up over all that time. Soon they will both be taller than me, which is completely unfair.

Every time I show up for our shoots, I know there will be tons of energy and playful ideas. This year was no exception.

Bob, Karen, Ryan, and was great to see all of you, and thanks so much for once again brightening up my November!

We had to quickly get some shots outside before the rain started coming down.

Every year, I challenge myself to get a good shot of Isabel. She must have been in the holiday spirit when she let me snap this one. Thanks, Isabel!

Nothing says "happy holidays" like a facefull of m&ms. The kids really got a kick out of this.

I'm so glad that we got some nice pics of Bob and Karen together. Pretty adorable, aren't they?

Here are some perfect examples of why I adore this family.

Reindeer antlers for everyone!!

You guys are the best, and I hope your holiday season is a super-duper one!


Widdi said...

I'm sorry. I can't comment anymore on your blog. I've run out of adjectives and I hate being redundant with my wows and awesomes.

stacey said...

oh no! widdi, i'd miss your lovely comments. i have a few helpful suggestions:

* i'll start posting photos of my feet
* you can comment on something else, like what you had for breakfast (although that might also elicit "wows" and "awesomes"

let me think about this some more...