Friday, November 14, 2008

extended shout-out

In my earlier post of John and Megan's wedding, I had mentioned that I'd be doing a separate post to showcase a few pics from my fabulous second shooter, Stacy Ventresca of SMV Photos. Here they are!

Stacy also second shot with me during Lauren and Colin's lovely wedding this summer, and we had a great time. But that was not the first time we worked together. She and I started at the same biomedical company over 10 years ago. Who would have thought that now we'd both be photographers, and be shooting weddings together. Life is funny.

Stacy is a great lady, and she takes a fine photo. Now if I could just get her to add a daggum "e" to her name, she'd be perfect.

Here are some of her super shots from last Friday's festivities.

Who can spot the dork in this next pic? C'mon...look closely. Hint: muppet face + weird pose does NOT = hot girl modeling on car

Great job as usual, Stacy! Thanks so much!

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