Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Lee family and the AHA!

Every year, I donate a portrait session to a fund raising auction for the AHA (American Heart Association). The biotech company that I worked for has a big annual drive to raise money for the AHA, which is a perfect fit since the company is a leader in cardio-vascular transplant tissues/devices.

This portrait session went to the fantastic Lee family. It was nice to see Ashley and get to meet his terrific wife and kiddos. They are all about as photogenic as it gets. My friends always tease me by saying that I only take pictures of attractive people, and with folks like this to photograph, it's hard to make an argument against it.

I owe a double thanks to the Lees for such a relaxed session, and of course for helping to support the work of the AHA. Everybody wins!

I've never met any brothers and sisters who get along as well as these three do!

They have a lot of great black & white family photos displayed around their home, so to stay on that track, we kept it simple and let their expressions be the magic.

I adore this next image. When you look up the definition of "sisters", this photo should be there.

We took a few candids, and I really like this one in the mirror. Part of being a good sibling is understanding the necessity of an impromptu tickle attack.

These faces are priceless!

Much appreciation to the Lee family! To find out how to donate to the AHA, or for tips on living a heart-healthy lifestyle, please click HERE.

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