Sunday, December 21, 2008

family love

For a potential project, I needed to put together a little slideshow of some candid shots of families and kiddos. I'm really glad to have had a reason to do so because looking through the images brought back many beautiful memories of people who have affected me in such a positive way. I'm extremely lucky to be able to work in situations that don't just allow an outpouring of emotions, they downright encourage it. Not many folks would be glad to have a job that makes them cry, but I love that I get choked up when a father dances with his daughter at her wedding, or when I watch a couple gently holding their newborn. Wearing my heart on my sleeve is a huge part of my photography, so I will continue to wear it there and remember to pack plenty of tissues in my camera bag.

To view the slideshow, please click HERE

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Anonymous said...

Stacey, that was wonderful. You are just majik!