Wednesday, December 10, 2008

it's a puffy-paint christmas, charlie brown!

My pal Rene needed some pics for a dandy secret santa gift he was concocting, so he came over the other day, and we snapped a few gems. Here's one of my favs. Truly, nothing screams "holidays" like bumble bees, teddy bears, kittens decorating a tree, and some totally rad shades. This is a look not to be attempted by untrained individuals or those prone to dizzy spells.

I will also be using this image to prove to my cats that they do in fact have the manual dexterity to help out around the house like these motivated little kittens. These motivated, vacant, gigantic, creepy, robot-clone kittens.


rp said...


maryk said...

you're welcome for the sweatshirt!

that's a dede granger original!

stacey said...

thanks dede...and mary!