Friday, December 5, 2008

the hollis family!

When I meet a new family on the day we've scheduled a photo shoot, I never know quite what to expect or even what the images will look like. If little ones are involved, I often worry that when they see me they might think "who is that weird lady, and what is that scary contraption she keeps putting in front of her face and aiming at us?". If I were them, I'd probably run screaming. Then again, I was afraid of everything as a child: flying monkeys, the game Perfection, my grandma's dentures, and handlebar moustaches to name a few.

So, you can imagine how happy I was when I met the Hollis family, and they were all so sweet and ready to have some fun photo time. Their extremely cute little girls were all smiles right away, and I knew it would be a great shoot.

We started snapping some shots at their lovely home, and then went to a nearby neighborhood park for some serious playtime. A fine way to spend an afternoon...whether you're 4 or 84! If I ever stop enjoying a good swing set, something is horribly wrong.

Thanks so much to the super-friendly Hollis family! I'm so glad we got a chance to meet!

Here are Courtney and Jim, demonstrating that kids aren't the only ones who can be cute!

Mary was so adorable with her favorite bunny that she likes to smell. That's how I am with pancakes.

I adore this shot of sweetie-pie Anna.

Hoffa! Such a good pup.

This next real family moment, I will call "so, WHY are we not on the slide right now?".

Yay, Hollis family! You all did such a great job!

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