Wednesday, December 31, 2008

come taste the wine, come hear the band...

The fabulous Synchronicity Performance Group hosted a cabaret fund raiser at one of my favorite venues, The Moulin Rouge Room at Paris on Ponce. The evening was a very entertaining mix of songs, dances, holiday themes, jokes, and some good old-fashioned naughty versus nice.

I loved their idea of auctioning off "table songs" sung to individual attendees. Man, there was a lot of talent in that room! Everyone seemed to be in a really giving spirit for a great cause. Everybody wins!

Here's just a sample of photos from this sassy cabaret event

Rachel fits right in with the sparkly ladies.

How cute is Amy? She was handing out kisses all night. Of the chocolate variety, that is. Sorry fellas.

Look out, Sarah! That elf has more than Christmas on his mind!

Amy's rendition of "Santa Baby" had all the necessary flirtiness...and then some.

The voice of an angel!

There was a disco ball hung just behind me, and I had a blast bouncing my flash off it to cast those little blue lights on stage for my pics!

Bob, Joel and Liza would be proud!


Susie said...

what a fun place - great shots!
And what kind of dog is that nice old gent holding? It looks so cute and fluffy!
Happy New Year!!!!!!
luvs, luvs, luvs! :-)

Red Crickette said...


Your photography is so amazing. Thanks for bringing your talent to this evening as you do for us on so many occasions. I can't wait to see the whole disk.

Happy New Year!

Shannon (Synch's Development Director)

stacey said...

thanks susie and shannon! it was a fun night. wish i could have posted pics of the naked elf. i think those are for a different type of site. :) maybe there's a yikes!