Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Christy is fun on wheels. She is the opposite of a diva, and she is not afraid to wave her sassy flag. Yay! Christy has a very warm expression that is super easy to photograph. Gotta love that! Her friend Susan came along and did a fine job of hair patrol throughout the session. It's obvious that these two know how to have a good time. At one point during the shoot, I told them that I wished we were shooting video instead so that folks could hear the crazy banter going on.

Ok, so now I have to play celebrity look-alike with Christy. She looks so much like Jessica Lange! After seeing King Kong in the 70s, I wanted to marry Jeff Bridges and I wanted to be Jessica Lange.

In her smiling shots, I think she has a Diane Lane look going on. Not bad, right? However, she's 100% Christy which is cooler than looking like any hot celebrity!

Christy (and Susan), thanks so much for our photo play-time. I'm glad we could give you a non-painful headshot experience, and you did a super job.

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