Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm always getting a hard time from my friends who claim that I only photograph beautiful people, so I'm prepared for the earful I'll surely get after they see these pics of Erin. As if it's not enough that she has long, luscious hair, big blue eyes, a pout that rivals Angelina's, AND a striking resemblance to Milla Jovovich....she's also one of the nicest gals you'll meet.

As usual, Sloane Warren of Atlanta Body Retreat did a wonderful job with Erin's hair and makeup. It was such a gorgeous day that Sloane did her work outside on my porch while we chatted with Erin, sipped on tea, and enjoyed the beauty of the day. That's how all photo shoots should begin!

Here are a few shots from my session with the lovely Erin...

This next shot may not be at the top of Erin's list to use as her headshot (or maybe it will!), but I just love her expression!

Thanks Erin for being so sweet and fabulous!

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