Tuesday, March 24, 2009

fletch update

I figured it was time for another Fletch update. He is now 2.5-ish months old, and roughly the size of an aircraft carrier. He thinks the word "no" is hilarious, and one of his favorite places to nap is on the bathroom floor wrapped around the back of the toilet. Classy.

I've started a journal and will supplement it with a photo diary. My little project is entitled "What I've Killed by Irwin M. Fletcher". So far, he's destroyed 3 rugs, a blanket, and a rubber door stop.

In the photo below, doesn't he have the cutest little mouth? Be warned...that is the same mouth that today discovered the joys of cat poop.

1 comment:

leigh said...

I knew he would find that poop! he is such a good boy. Gus can't wait to play with him again and again and again.