Wednesday, March 25, 2009

mary s!

This pretty lady is Mary. Don't even get me started on how much I love her curly hair! Her style is equally fabulous. Our first session attempt was rained out...thanks mother nature! We decided to use some of that time to go over wardrobe choices to use for the rescheduled shoot. She brought so many great options that I was about to bring out a coin to start flipping.

As we were snapping these pics, I couldn't help but notice Mary's uncanny resemblance to the teenage version of my Aunt Marilyn. Okay, I realize this means nothing to you who have never seen my Aunt Marilyn, and sadly I don't have a photo of her from the '50s. What I CAN tell you is that according to many accounts from my mother, Marilyn was considered quite the hottie. Of course, the word "hottie" hadn't quite caught on yet, so she was probably called a "real looker" or "the cat's meow".

Thanks so much Mary for being patient with the weather and so fun and easy to work with!

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