Thursday, March 19, 2009


Melanie is one of my dearest friends. When we first got to know each other years ago, she was going through a difficult time, and I was so struck by how she handled it with such strength and grace. On several occasions since then I've thought of her example when I wasn't feeling strong or graceful.

She is now dealing with some even greater issues, and again I'm moved by how she faces life with a powerful will and love.

Melanie and Lee had a gorgeous baby boy a few months ago. Elliott is almost too wonderful to describe in words. You wouldn't know it by looking at this perfect little guy, but he's struggling with a list of daunting health issues. Although I was so thrilled to finally meet him, I was worried that being around him might make me sad, which is the last reaction I wanted to have around Melanie. I instantly realized that being around Elliott brings nothing but absolute JOY. He's such a dream, and I couldn't get enough of him.

I adore this family, and had the BEST visit with them. Melanie and I got to have some girly fun and giggles. I had a blast playing with my buddy Owen, and I got to cuddle with Elliott. Yay! I'm already looking forward to the next time I see them!

Here are a couple pics Melanie took. Here's Elliott making me swoon.

I was introduced to the awesome "Guess Who?" game. Owen was an astronaut and I was a monkey. No guesses needed.

Owen is quite the master of the point-and-shoot camera. In a few months, I'm sure I'll be working for him. If I'm lucky. Here, he caught me trying to be like him.

Thanks Lee for taking this shot of us! I loves me some Melanie!

Here are some shots I snapped during our visit.

Oh, Elliott....I want some more snuggles!

There were so many cards and gifts. The Walkers have a LOT of people who care about them.

Owen wanted to take a photo with my camera, so I put it in front of him, tried to aim it, and let him hit the button. This next shot is what he took. Seriously, I'm going to make him start shooting weddings with me!

Owen is REALLY into Superman right now and even has a big poster on his wall. I noticed something when I looked at the image of the hero hanging in Owen's room. Now, I don't want to give away an secret identities or anything, but don't you see a resemblance below?

I just love this moment with Lee and Elliott.

So beautiful...

To view the slideshow of the lovely Walker family, please click HERE


Stacy said...

Dear Stacey,

These pictures are amazing and such a gift to Elliott's family and friends! These photos show how beautiful this family is both inside and out.

God bless,
Stacy Chubak Hinners
(Melanie's cousin from Ohio & huge Elliott fan!)

maryk said...

i haven't had the nerve to watch the slide show yet. your slideshows always get me.
stacey, these are unbelievable. of course i think owen and elliot are pretty awesome, but i really love the photo of you and melanie.

Lee said...

Absolutely Awesome Photos!

Melanie said...

I am absolutely speechless (and covered in boogers from crying at the slideshow). Thank you thank you thank you. When are you coming back for the Guess Who? playoffs??? XOXO

Susan said...

Grandma Charlie thinks you are simply amazing! You have a way of stealing places in the heart with that camera! xoxo

Tiff said...

Never have I heard it put so eloquently and correctly: "....stealing places in the heart with that camera." Beautiful!

Courtney said...

What a beautiful family! Little Elliott and his parents will absolutely be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope all comes out okay with his health issues. :(

*love and baby hugs*