Wednesday, April 8, 2009

max + fletch = cute x 2

A couple weeks ago, we had the pleasure of a visit from Tim, Shelby, and Max. I can't believe how fast Max is growing up! Fletch got to have some heavily-supervised play time with him, and he did really first. He started off just following a fast-crawling Max around the floor. Next, Fletch moved on to gently licking Max's head and hands. Just before the end of our visit, Fletch was convinced that Max had turned into a giant tennis ball, and was probably wondering why we weren't rolling him across the floor and shouting "go get it!". Oh well, it was sane and adorable while it lasted.

Wook at dis widdle cutie pie!

Shelby's such a good momma.

I swear, in the last 2 weeks, Fletch has grown to twice the size pictured below. That's it...I'm putting him on Jenny Craig.

Max is all like..."Hey, this isn't an iPhone!". Dude, I know.

This dingo will eat your baby.


ablebody said...

great shots of max. he's a killer.

and holy mackerel fletch easily looks twice that size in just the past week. seriously. just last night as we slept he absorbed a 5-pound growl.

Widdi said...

Yes! VERY Cute x 2!!! Max has the most beautiful eyes. And Fletch looks like a Baby Huey - a GIANT PUPPY! I can't believe I haven't loved on him yet. What's wrong with me?
I don't think Jenny Craig will work - he'll just eat her.

Susie said...

HUGE "puppy"

That kid is so adorable...especially his alien eyes!


maryk said...


Leigh said...

cute shots! and of course Fletch has grown so big so fast. Maybe we can get pups together this week!

rp said...

Sure, Max is cute. But he's started saying "you guys" a lot and spends most night loudly debating most topics at Manny's til 3am. He's out of control. As for Fletch, what can I say, he's a pro. He sold more tickets for B Team than my accent did.

Anonymous said...

i'ma gonna squish the both of 'em+

squisha squisha

love love

Stephanie said...

More pics of Fletch please!