Tuesday, June 2, 2009

miriam + john

I remember seeing Miriam + John at Stephanie + Josh's wedding last year and noticing how obviously in love they were. We had a photo booth set-up at the reception, and this image will always be one of my favorites....

The warmth and joy that they have between the two of them was shared with all their family and friends on their wedding day. Each detail and moment was special, and the atmosphere was about absolute celebration.

The Park Tavern is such a scenic place for a wedding, with a fantastic view of Piedmont Park. When you have a great location, a lot of fun-lovin' people, and a gorgeous couple....you just can't go wrong!

I love these little origami birds! They were on tables, hung with lanterns, and perched atop the cake. Such a unique and eye-catching touch!

I downright adore Miriam's mom, Anne. She has been so wonderful to me, and I'm glad I got to see her slightly wilder side at the wedding. After meeting Miriam + John's parents, it's no surprise that they raised their kids to be such caring, loving adults.

Fellas....please learn an important lesson from John in the image below. There is nothing more romantic than when a guy holds his lady's face that-a-way when he kisses her. Nothing. Ladies, prepare to swoon...

I don't have a lot of rules, but I can almost guarantee that if I've shot your wedding and then you're guests at a another wedding I'm shooting...I will be taking a photo of you. Stephanie + Josh are so cool it hurts. It's been just over a year since their big day, and I think they still like each other. Happy Anniversary you two!

Thank you so much, Miriam + John. You've reminded me that romance is alive and well in Atlanta. I just know that many, many years from now, you'll still be looking at each other that way.

To view a slideshow of more images from this lovely wedding, please click HERE


Stephanie said...

Yay! They are gorgeous Ms Bode! Great job again!

Anonymous said...

OH! The pic of Grandpa (?) givin' a hug! Ridiculously Fabulous!!! (pause, wipe tear)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other anonymous. The Grandpa pic is one of the most beautiful, emotional, moving shots ever.