Thursday, June 5, 2008

my new baby

Despite fretting about the amount of camera equipment that could be purchased for the same amount, I went ahead and invested in a brand spankin' new bicycle from Outback Bikes in Little 5! I'm in luvs. Took it for a spin today, and I haven't felt that comfortable pedaling myself around since I was rockin' the Big Wheel in 1977.

This Saturday is our wedding anniversary. Matt had the swell idea of dressing up in our wedding garb, performing some voodoo ritual to fit into it, heading to where we got married, and maybe taking some goofy photos. Photos...imagine that. Since our anniversary falls on a Saturday, we could probably only do this by crashing someone else's big day. In my book, this is still listed in the index under "NOT cool".

So, in comes idea #2. We're going to hit the Silver Comet Trail with our 2-wheeled treasures, and make a day of it. Ahhh, much better.


heighlo. said...

need a name for a bike that beautiful!

Anonymous said...

awesome!!!! when can we go bike riding :)