Sunday, June 8, 2008


Yesterday, we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. That is, we finally agreed that it was, in fact, the sixth. It's hard to keep track when you've actually been together for nearly eleven years (we had to calculate that one too).

We started off with a swell breakfast at Kasan Red. We decided to wait a while before taking our bikes to the Silver Comet Trail since we figured it would be much cooler in the late afternoon. So we decided to set up my GPS that's been collecting dust for months. It took us a few hours of button mashing and swearing to get the thing to understand that we were in ATLANTA and not in TAIWAN. I was nearly ready to shove the thing on a stick, toast it over an open flame, and eat it on a graham cracker with a piece of chocolate, when it finally started working. The process was annoying and time-consuming, but it did allow us to watch a few more episodes of "Twin Peaks" during lengthy downloads. I was obsessed with TP when it originally aired, and Matt had never seen it. I still can't believe how ahead of it's time it was and how my love for it in the early 90s was certainly fueled by the fact that the "typical" programming on at the time consisted of shows like "Full House" and "Blossom". Saved by David Lynch. I thank you, sir. I still have a crush on Agent Cooper and still want to be Audrey when I grow up.

Here are some photo tidbits of our day of fun...

Finally earning its keep

I had never been on the Silver Comet before, and I am smitten. I have a hard time cycling in the city with all the distractions and the defying death thing. This was just about us, the bikes, and a trail shaded by tree canopies. Glorious.

...Dazed and Confused.

After our two-wheeled adventure, we cleaned up and headed to Surin of Thailand for a yummy late dinner. I figured we should balance out our feelings for our friends in the East after our earlier frustration with the GPS Taiwan misunderstanding.

The host/manager dude brought us a special anniversary treat...chilled sparkling sake. He said it's the Thai version of champagne. Man, it was delish with the food. You outta try it sometime if you want some taste harmony in your mouth.

As an anniversary present to Matt, I opted to not wear a shirt to dinner.


Michelle said...

oh Stacey I love this picture of you and Matt. You guys look so cute together!!! HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY!!

Anonymous said...

You're the Couple of the Century!
That is a beautiful photo.. I want it.

heighlo. said...

love the picture of you guys together...beautiful

mmyers said...

I'm a dude, and not a very sentimental one at that, but you guys are cute as a button. Cool pic.