Monday, June 30, 2008


I keep telling Alison that she should teach a class on how to pose for headshots. I am not at all kidding about it. She has some sort of unearthly skill and comfort in front of the camera. For every frame, she would slightly change her pose and/or expression, and required NO DIRECTION AT ALL! I'm still stunned. I'd like to know what her secret is, so that when people take pictures of me, I no longer default to "the muppet face" or "the fish face". Ah, my old stand-bys.

Alison is also one of the nicest gals around. When she's the next "it" girl, I can say that she was once willing to pose for me in a trash-filled alley. Yay!

So here she is workin' that magic. See what I mean???

We had to take one final shot...just for fun!

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