Thursday, May 29, 2008

lauren & colin's wedding!

Both Lauren and Colin are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside! From our first meeting, I was struck by the kindness, smiles, and addictive giggles they share with those around them.

Throughout their wedding day, we all witnessed how Lauren and Colin love deeply and laugh deeply. In fact, they broke a record. I often talk about how I get moved to tears at all weddings. Well, this time, I choked up THREE times! Just before the ceremony, Colin hugged his dad with such emotion, I couldn't hold back a few tears. Then, during the ceremony, Colin surprised everyone (including Lauren) by singing a gorgeous ballad that he WROTE. He has the voice of an angel, by the way. Finally, I cried a bit again during the toast given by Lauren's father. These families are so full of support for one another, and it was pretty incredible to be ar

Thanks so much for making me feel like a part of your caring family, and I'm lucky to have been there on your special day!

I have to give a shout-out to my second shooter, the wonderful Stacy Ventresca! She's so great to work with, and it was fun being the Stac(e)y duo!

Here's Lauren, looking about as classically beautiful as you can get!

....and the handsome Colin!

This is one shot we couldn't miss. Their wedding was held at the beautiful Gardens at Great Oaks in Roswell. There was a fantastic mansion on the property with an old-fashioned kitchen. We couldn't wait to take a fun picture of Lauren cookin' up some goodness for Colin!

To see a slideshow of more images from their big day, click HERE

The slideshow is worth a look just for Lauren's "throwing the bouquet" face. Probably the best I've seen yet!


Widdi said...

Dang! You make me want to get married just so you'll take fabulous pictures of me!

Tommy said...

Marry me, Widdi!

Oh wait...just remembered somethin'.

How do you feel about Utah?