Thursday, July 9, 2009

dork for hire

During a couple recent portrait sessions, I was joined by friend and fellow photographer Christa Paulson Lovato. Yay! When she showed me this photo, it cracked me up. A few things you can expect from me if I shoot a "day-after" wedding session with you....I will try to steal your bouquet, and I will probably be wearing my polka t-shirt. Honestly, I don't even remember holding the flowers. It MIGHT have been easier to take the shot if I had set them gently down somewhere, but I'm sure I was plotting how to get that bouquet into my backpack without lovely bride Sarah noticing.

All self-deprication aside, I should point out that I think Christa took a cool photo. I love the kids playing in the background. Those swings were another temptation during the shoot. I dig a swing set almost as much as I dig a fine bouquet of flowers.

christa pic

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