Thursday, July 16, 2009

my happy place

I spend SO much time in my office, that it needs to be so downright inviting that I get the shakes if I'm NOT in there. Oh, and organized. I'm one of those people who can not be productive while swimming in clutter. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who likes to MAKE clutter, so this room is a constant battle ground between good and evil.

I swear the pink isn't as obnoxious as it might look here. Well, maybe it is, actually. That color was up when we bought the place 7 years ago. I really dig it. However, MOST of the rooms in the house were this color, so we've made a few changes so that we're down to only my pink office, our pink dining room, and small pink bathroom.

There used to be a cool rug on the floor, but Fletch ate it. There used to be a little pillow on the chair, but Fletch ate it. Why can't he eat things like letters about jury duty, or the leg warmers I have no business owning at my age?

The flowers were a recent addition that I had seen on the dooce blog (one of my favorites!). She had used them to decorate a new nursery. When my mom saw these on the wall, she kinda laughed at them. I figure after having worked in a beige cube for 10 years, where the only hint of a personality I was allowed to show in my work area was contained in an 8x10 picture frame, I can have a couch that vomits flowers if I darn well want to. I'm also a big fan of working in pajamas. If you can pull this off where you work, you totally should.

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