Friday, July 31, 2009

a toy with a purpose

Over the last several years, I've been very lucky to have some fancy toys for taking photos. Unfortunately, "fancy" also means "really daggum heavy" and "really daggum big". I started realizing how much I missed being able to pull a camera out at any given time in life. Of course, I also figured that I have more than enough pictures of my feet at various locations around Atlanta and beyond, and probably didn't need any more. So, why spend money on a point-and-shoot camera when I could put that towards more equipment of the fancy variety?

The thing is, I can already achieve what I need to technically with my current equipment used for my client shoots. I can't get the same quality and accuracy with a point-and-shoot, but what I can get is something a little more warm and fuzzy, so bear with me.

The ability to shoot whatever I want, whenever I want, reminds me of who I am as a photographer and what I'm drawn to. It also lets me explore new compositions angles, etc. This type of play time helps me grow as a photographer and feeds the love I have for this art form, which will then filter into the work with my clients. Win, WIN!

I'll be posting plenty of my point-and-shoot experiments. I also need to come up with a better name than "point-and-shoot experiments". Maybe something scientific like "beaker shots". Hooray!

Immdediately after leaving the store where I bought the camera (a Canon PowerShot G10), we went across the parking lot to get pancakes. It was a good day.

Later that eve, we met up with the lovely Lynn Talley for some adult beverages. She has the BEST smile, which led to this next shot. The G10 definitely has some graininess issues at high ISOs (as you can see), but I'm interested more in compositions with this toy. Lynn was the first victim of a project I'm calling "guerilla portraits". I'll post her pic and a couple more of those soon. If I see a cool spot or lighting or whatever and you are nearby, I might be grabbing you to pose for one!

Hey, no pictures of my feet yet!


Brian said...

Congrats on the Powershot. It is nice to carry a point and shoot around. Our cameras are very heavy.. :P My wife hates it when I have to say hold on let me get my camera when she wants a quick snap shot of Lillie Kate. The one thing I do dislike about them is the on camera flash. It completely makes the image flat. However for outside they are great. Looks like you have a hot shoe on yours is it compatible with the 580ex? My wife has a Canon PowerShot A570 IS. She got mad at me for spending an extra 50$ for manual and aperture value exposure modes... I dislike shooting auto.

Hope Mirlis said...

I love my Powershot as well. Unfortunately it's my 3rd one in 2 years, but I swear to god this one will not be dunked in hunch punch or stolen by some loser friend who stays on occasion at an acquaintances house.

Anyway, I digress. I'm guessing your got your camera at Showcase, right? Since those early shots certainly looked like The Original Pancake House!


stacey said...

Brian, yep it has the hot shoe for my 580ex. :)

Hope...dang, you've got a good eye! That's totally where we were. I'll try to keep my camera away from punch bowls and shady friends.