Thursday, July 23, 2009

naomi's headshots!

Wow, TWO blog posts in one day, and they're both headshot pics of fabulous people! Yay! This lovely lady is Naomi. As you can see, the camera loves her, and she may use her shots to book some modeling jobs in addition to acting work. With that beautiful face, I'm sure she'll have more jobs than she can handle!

I have to point out how cool she managed to be during some less than ideal conditions during our photo session. There was a festival going on near our shoot location, but we used some relatively secluded spots. We didn't get very many people walking by, but the few who did were downright annoying. I certainly don't mind a little curiosity from folks when they see a shoot happening. However, Drunk Guy #1 stopped and stood right next to me, wouldn't shut his yap, and tried to direct both me and Naomi. I'm sure his Budweiser was telling him that this was charming. After several polite attempts to get him to move along, we had to gently point out that he was being a total d-bag. Whatever I said surely started with "SERIOUSLY!...". Later, Drunk Guy #2 just stood and gawked. "SERIOUSLY!" Anyway, Naomi was much more patient than I was. I'm still imagining creative ways to torture them. Thanks Naomi for being such a trooper!

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