Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Holy headshots, Batman! Lately, my schedule has been full of headshot sessions. There are some very brave actors, willing to pose in the Atlanta heat this time of year. I figure that since they can bear the heat and manage to still look good, I will sacrifice myself to the mosquitoes so that I receive all the bites, and they stay itch-free. It's only fair.

Robin was particularly heroic during his shots, since they took place on a scorching day, AND he wore blazers the whole time, AND managed to not look like he wished he could just be put out of his misery. He is a lovely human being. He's also one of the tallest. As we shot, I kept trying to go up another imaginary step on my step ladder.

His adorable wife, Kelly also joined us for the session. She quickly learned that I often have to remind folks to keep their chin down, and began calling out "chin down" before I even had to. I may need to borrow her for every session from now on!

Thanks you two for a session that was hot and cool all at the same time!

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