Wednesday, October 29, 2008

holli's maternity session!

There's always a fun element of surprise when I show up for a session with someone that I have yet to meet. I'm used to working with unfamiliar locations, but people are a little different than places. I had been communicating with Holli via phone and email and expected to see the word "adorable" tattooed across her forehead. However, until we finally met, I had no idea of the full scope of her awesomeness. She was so welcoming, kind, and has a rare balance of exuberance and calmness.

I could have spent all day laughing and taking photos of Holli. She was such a pleasure to work with, and I know she's going to make such a wonderful mommy.

I had to snap a few shots of Holli getting ready in her fabulous blue curlers. I'm so glad that I got to meet her talented makeup artist, Alyson. Her company is called Authentic Beauty, and I LOVE her philosophy. She's all about acceptance of who we are naturally, which she and I discussed a bit. I've been wanting to start a project working with people who have body/appearance issues to discuss them, photograph them, and learn to appreciate them. Alyson is working on a similar project. Now I know there are probably some folks reading this who are like, "wait a minute, makeup artists and photographers are in the business of making people look good....isn't that the opposite of 'natural'?". I won't speak for Alyson here, but I feel that there's a huge difference between making someone look different to look good, and making someone look like themselves to look good. My job is never to change, always to enhance (more by using light and angles than photoshop tricks). So, there's my 2 cents....or maybe more like a buck and some change.

Now, back to the fabulousness that is HOLLI!

Holli's home is unlike anything I've seen before. It's a gorgeous three-story loft that's decorated in a way that's both unique and comfortable. Sadly, my decorating aesthetic veers more toward the "cheap and unbreakable". I'm glad that two things worked their way into this photo: her sweet doggie, Sampson, and a pic of her hubby, who is currently on the Amazon. The actual place, not the website.

Since pointing out the obvious is on my list of favorite things...isn't Holli ridiculously pretty??? If having kids makes you look this good, I'll take 7.

This next shot isn't super "maternity-ish", but I really like the un-posed quality of Holli's expression.

Holli has a framed photo of her little girl's sonogram, so we had to work that in along with her first baby, Sampson.

Here's a little layout I put together just for fun...

Holli, thank you for being so fun and gracious. All my best to you on your exciting journey into parenthood!

To see a slideshow of more images from this lovely maternity session, please click HERE


Alyson Hoag said...

YOUR WORK IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! I will collaborate on anything with you anytime!! Any just for the record I believe beauty is a personal self expression of who you are authentically. :) It is our job to bring out and capture who a person is

stacey said...

thanks so much, alyson! we definitely should make sure that our paths cross again soon.

i SO agree with your description of beauty. right on!

Anonymous said...


These are just lovely! You captured Holli so accurately- she looks beautiful! I'm sending all the preggies to you---- fantastic work.

stacey said...

thank you, kathleen! you are such a gem!