Thursday, October 23, 2008

sara and gerard!

What a sweet and adorable couple. I feel so lucky because I'm convinced that I have the best clients in the world. I don't know how it happens, but instead of questioning it, I choose to simply be thankful for the magical arrow that somehow points wonderful people in my direction. Sara and Gerard are thoughtful, clever, down-to-earth.....and they know how to throw one heck of a party.

These two fine folks were recently married at the Trolley Barn in Inman Park. It was a beautiful, sunny fall afternoon, and every guest seemed to be having a great time and their support for Sara and Gerard was blindingly evident.

Let's just pretend that I had to do something really dangerous to get this next shot. Okay?

SUCH a beautiful couple!

You can't go wrong with classic roses. I couldn't get enough of all the red deliciousness!

A little pre-ceremony peek from the groomsmen.

Did I forget to mention that these two are FUNNY??!!

Okay, there's a little story for the next shot that makes me giggle. When I was editing this image, my Dad (who was over for the afternoon) saw it on my screen and asked "Who is that?". I explained, "That is Sara, a pretty bride from one of the recent weddings I shot". His response was, "GEEEEZ....she could be a friggin model!!!". Yes, Dad. Well put.

There was a very emotional father-daughter dance....

...AND a very emotional mother-son dance. Don't they know I cry easily??

Apparently, Sara's father and I are kindred spirits.

I LOVE when toasts/speeches elicit reactions like this...

Man, there was some fine dancing goin' on.

This shot of Gerard getting his cheeks pinched is one of my favorites.

Sara and Gerard...all my best to you in what's sure to be a fantastic life together!

To see a slideshow of more images from this lovely wedding, please click HERE


maryk said...

i love the one of them kissing during the dip!
also, that is a gorgeous dress. and i'm not really into wedding dresses!

stacey said...

yeah, there's just something about a dip and a kiss. unfortunately, in that scenario...i'm usually the "dip".

i swear i heard sara say that she got her dress for a hundred bucks on ebay or craig's list. maybe i'm nuts. if she did, i hope she doesn't mind me saying because i think that's maybe the best deal i've ever heard. well, except for maybe when i found sara young's bridesmaid dress for $7.

Jeff said...

Maybe Siwsan and I will get married again so Stacey can take some more pictures of us!!!

Siwsan said...

I am so in awe of the poignancy and beauty you found in my daughter's wedding. I can't thank you enough for capturing these moments in time for us to hold forever.

And yep, the dress was an ebay bargain!

(It's your call, Jeff - after 30 years there's not much I wouldn't do with you!)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to this gorgeous couple!! Beautiful, beautiful pictures! I've known Sara since we were just kids in middle school and her personality definitely lights up the room! Gerard is very lucky to have such a wonderful wife! :)

Katherine Buonocore

saradoll24 said...

Okay so by now I've broadcasted these pictures to everyone in my universe. Stacey you are amazing! We are so thrilled with them! Everything turned out just perfectly! I only wish it had gone on longer. The night flew by. Thank you so much for capturing all these moments so that I can hold on to them forever.

Oh and for the record, yes the dress was an ebay purchase for $99 (plus $35 for shipping). A total steal!