Sunday, October 12, 2008

kim & mitchell!

I love contrast. Floral prints with stripes...odd pairings in relationships (my grandma was 4'11 and my grandpa was 6'2)...differences in opinion...and certainly lots of contrast in photos to make them "pop". A pleasant contrast I was privy to last weekend was the variance in the weddings I shot. As you can see in my previous posts, I shot Andisheh and Christi's wedding on Saturday at a lush and quaint farm. Then on Sunday, I got to shoot Kim and Mitchell's stylish city-chic wedding here in Atlanta. Both gorgeous weddings, and both unique.

Throughout the planning process, Kim and I had a few discussions about the style of wedding she wanted. The best phrase I can come up with is "downtown elegance". It was so cool to see all of her organization and attention to detail come to fruition and exude the exact air of hip sophistication that she envisioned.

Kim and Mitchell are two of the most genuine people you will come across. They manage a wonderful balance of being grounded and being downright fun.

Working with them and getting to know them has been a joy. I can only imagine what an incredible time they're having in Hawaii right now! Maybe someday I'll find the strength to forgive them for not taking me along. We shot a "day-after" session, and Kim jokingly offered to shove me in her suitcase. To me, it was no joke, as I was contemplating whether all that yoga would finally come in handy and help me conform to the shape of her luggage. Oh, well. I guess I should have practiced my "rabbit" pose more. Stay tuned for pics from their photo booth and their day-after session!

I have to give a quick shout-out to my second photographer, Robin Nathan, who did a marvelous job. She and I had talked about working together, and we finally got the chance. Yay! Shout-out #2 goes to stylist-exraordinaire, Shai of Face Canvas, who is responsible for giving Kim that extra glamour. The final shout is for Erin Stroup of It's All in the Details event planning. All these ladies do such great work.

Now, it's time for less words and more photos!!!

You all know I can't resist a good reflection!

Even without all the light coming through the windows, Kim was just glowing.

I heart this next shot. It's one of the lovely bridesmaids reacting to the sight of Kim in her gown and veil.

Right before Kim and Mitchell were officially Mr and Mrs, this stunning golden light came in through the windows. The third shot REALLY cracks me up because I know that Mitchell loves makeup about as much as I love running out of pancake mix.

The Park Tavern in Piedmont Park was just FULL of pretty decorations. I think my new favorite colors for weddings are these shades of green and purple.

I now expect every wedding reception to have a fierce dance battle. This one was DC versus Atlanta, and it was awesome (winner still to be determined).

Kim has one final dance with her dad.

To see a slideshow of more images from this super-cool wedding, please click HERE


Widdi said...

Those last two night shots - WOW! Well, you know I always think every shot is WOW when it's a Bode shot, but..WOW.

stacey said...

thanks, widdi! i'm gonna have to catch up with you to see what you've been up to photo-wise. i'm sure you've been taking some cool shots!

Evelyn said...

These are so beautiful, and I sure it didn't hurt to have two such lovely people as your subject.

Well, I am in Hawaii and these two lovelies allowed me to share lunch with them on Saturday (while on their Honeymoon). How sweet is that.

You were jealous about coming to Hawaii. I am so JEALOUS that I was not there to share this wonderful moment with one of the most wonderful ladies I have ever met.

Love you, Girl. Love you too Mitchell. Thank you for sharing a piece of your moment with this old friend.

stacey said...

thanks, evelyn! yes, they certainly make things easy for me, don't they? so, you're in hawaii AND got to have lunch with kim & mitchell? NOT FAIR!