Monday, October 20, 2008

kim & mitchell's day after session

I try to avoid drama as much as possible. I will put on a disguise, move silently like a ninja, and speak with an accent....yet drama still manages to find me.

It was a beautiful Monday afternoon, and Christa and I were on our way to Kim and Mitchell's day after shoot. Christa is a lovely lady that I've been mentoring, and she wanted to come along for one of my portrait sessions to check out how that all works. Well, we found the hotel where we were to meet Kim and Mitchell, and we were in the process of finding parking (easier said than done with the 50 one-way streets downtown that all go the same direction). Without warning, smoke begins to billow aggressively from the hood of my car. Fortunately, we were able to park somewhat illegally right away. A nice gentleman on the street urged us to exit the car ASAP. His facial expression can be traslated as "lady, I think your car's about to explode like an un-poked potato". So, we got out of the car and got our bearings. A car overheating is not that big of a deal. However, my crappy car was our only car since Matt's crappy car had been stolen a week earlier.

That was a good lesson in shaking off my "baggage" to not affect what I need to do photo-wise. I didn't want to throw a fit in front of Christa, and I certainly didn't want to be a downer while working with Kim and Mitchell. We ended up having a great time, and the car lives! Take that, drama!

I've posted a LOT of images for this entry. I can't help it. You can blame Kim and Mitchell for being so daggum photogenic. They are one fantastic couple.

We started their day-after shoot at The Ellis Hotel. Wow, what a beautiful place. I love how it's decorated. Very clean-modern-chic. Here's the newly-married couple adding to the ambiance with their own gorgeousness...

Isn't Kim a beauty?

There are a lot of red details around the hotel (a chair here, a rug there). Love it!

Veils gone wild!!!

The person in the car applauding makes me SO happy! Lots of nice people offered their congratulations as we shot.

Next, we were off to Centennial Olympic Park for some more play-time. It took every bit of will-power in my being to not run around in the fountain like a 6 year old.

We ended with a "carrying over the threshold" pic. Yay!

Kim and Mitchell, thanks again for another super session. You're the best!


mOmY said...

wow, what a great couple! Love your photos of them; and not one shot of the smoke billowing artistically from your car...? Love those park photos too. you de bestest!

stacey said...

thanks, momy! yeah, you're right. i should have gotten a laser pointer and written their names across the smoke. that would have totally rocked.